Solar power plant

How to solar power plant works...?

Work Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are heart of the system. Solar power plant work on the solar energy and turning it in to electricity. Solar panels which also solar photovoltic (PV) modules generate electricity from sunlight.

When sunlight hits the solar panel, PV cells get to work by producing direct current (DC) electricity, but DC electricity can't power to your premises. How can we convert DC current in to AC power..? We can use inverter. 

What is work of inverter

Inverter is like a brain of solar system. Solar inverter takes the DC electricity from solar panels and uses that to create AC electricity. Along with inverting DC to AC power, It is also provide ground fault protection and system stats, including voltage and current on AC and DC circuits, energy production and maximum power point tracking.
What happens when you are not available your premises to use electricity your solar system..? Also what happen at night when your solar system is not generating power in real time..? Don't worry you still benefit through a system which is kown as a "Net Metering".

How to work net meter..?

AC electricity flows from the solar panels through efficient wires and cables into your net meter. A typical grid-tied PV system, during peak daylight hours solar system produces more energy, so that excess energy is fed back into the grid via "Bi-Direction Net Meter". A net meter records the energy sent compare to the energy received from the grid. The customer gets credit for the excess energy produced, and can use that credit to draw from the conventional grid at night or non cloudy days.

Benefits Of Solar Power Plant
  • Clean and Renewable Energy Source 
  • Up to 50% Saving in Electricity Bill
  • Accelerated Depreciation Benefit
  • Net Metering Facility
  • 25 Year Long Lasting Life
  • 3 to 4 Year Project Payback
  • Hedge against inflation in Elec.Tariff
  • Cheaper than Current Electricity Rate
  • Nominal Maintenance